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  1. dylan says:

    How often do you guys restock your bikes? I was looking to invest in the 58 cm turquoise but I see it is out of stock.

  2. roger says:

    I have a 500mW laser I bought in December. One of the batteries failed. I tried getting replacements but can’t seem to get them anywhere – at least not 2300mW, 3.7V batteries. Do you offer replacement batteries? Could I buy 4 or 5?

  3. Orin Keplinger says:

    Hey, Frank: I am not happy that I had to re-enter all my credit card info before I could buy this laser pointer. I am really unhappy that my credit info went through what appears to be PayPal via Ibuynsell… even though I clicked on the link that said I did not want to sign up for PayPal. From what I’ve read, I don’t feel one should use PayPal. I am hopeful that this transaction works to my benefit, but I don’t feel good about it. I normally use Amazon and am unhappy that I had to go through all this fuss in order to get this item. I should also tell you that, in 10 years of placing orders through Amazon and/or its “sponsored links”, I have never had to do this before.

    As Ever, Orin Keplinger E) orink@t6b.com

    • Frank Riffner says:

      Hello Sir,

      Sorry to hear of the issue. We have been using Paypal for about 15 years and have found it to be the best for our website. We will talk to Paypal though and see is there is a way to make the checkout process easier for our customers.

  4. Ron says:

    You have a high power blue laser on sale on one part of your advertisement it says wattage is 500mw then on the bottom part of the advertisement it says laser is rated at 5mw which is its a 500mw blue laser on sale or its a 5mw blue laser on sale if it’s only 5mw I’m not interested in buying it. That’s called false advertising plus it’s weak 119.00 dollars for a 5mw blue laser plus you say it’s a class 4 laser. bull…

  5. chris says:

    Can you tell me the frame size and top tube length on the baby blue and white 26″ R4 BMX? Is this a large bike for an adult or smaller frame?


  6. Geoff Cardoza says:

    I need a rear wheel for 1 of our R4 Mini BMX bikes, cannot seem to find it online anywhere, we are on our second one now, they keep bending.

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